Things I Use

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I prioritize privacy and user freedom, so it goes without saying that I use mostly free software.


All of these are cross-platform, so I can add individual games directly to my start menu with xdg-open.

I have somewhat specific scaling preferences that you can read about here.


Gunpla retailers

I also love the FMHY wiki - I can't tell you what it is or what it stands for, or that you can append .tk or .cf to that set of letters to find out, but check it out!


I have two computers in current use. One is an Acer Nitro I got in summer of 2020 and installed Fedora KDE on a year later because I was sick of Windows; the other is a ThinkPad T500 I got in May so I could install Libreboot, Artix/LARBS, and some hardware mods.

Anything I should or shouldn't have? Send me a comment on the homepage!