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arkenfox user.js overrides

yea these are probably outdated and dont even work and i should probably fix them oops

These overrides aren't really anything special, and it's probably better for you to write your own, since everyone has their own needs and use cases. The wiki kind of scared me away at first, but it's gotten more readable since I used it. Problem with making these overrides is that everything you change through the GUI gets reset every time you update arkenfox. Instead, you have to look through the list of prefs, basically guess what they do, and add overrides for those in your user-overrides.js. But if you don't want to go to all that trouble and you trust my configs, here they are.

Unzip this in your arkenfox profile folder, which can be found by typing about:support in the address bar, and finding the listing that says Profile Directory.

What do these overrides do?

By default, arkenfox deletes all cookies on close, so if you want to keep cookies for certain sites, hit Ctrl-I on the page and you can manage exceptions. Just remember that default Firefox is major soyware that just so happens to have the makings of a good browser. Even just tweaking your about:config as seen in guides like this is better than doing nothing. All Mozilla's talk about how pure and free they are is just corporate pandering.

feh configs

These configs offer more normie-friendly keybinds.

Unzip these in your feh config directory. For me, it's /home/username/.config/feh/.

In addition, borderless is on by default, and zooming steps by integers.

feh honestly ticks almost all the boxes for me, but the window doesn't stay centered, it hardly scales with the image, there's no way to bind Actual Size to one key, and there's an arbitrary limit of three binds per action. It also doesn't play things like GIFs.

Newsboat keybinds

These add support for WASD and arrow keys for navigating, and a macro for opening video links in mpv.

Unzip this in /home/username/.newsboat.

Press ',' then 'm' to open links in mpv. If I can figure out how to bind this to a single key, I'll update this configuration.